Design Your Physician Life

24. The Startup Grind

August 16, 2022 Richard Harris, MD Season 1 Episode 24
Design Your Physician Life
24. The Startup Grind
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Hi! I'm Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez. And, this is Episode #24!

Today, we have a very special guest, a total rockstar, and one of our beloved mastermind alumni, Dr. Richard Harris, from Great Health and Wellness and Nimbus. We have a great conversation with Dr. Richard Harris about building up your startup, business planning, raising capital, and getting your business to the next level. Enjoy this episode!

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Thank you, Dr. Harris!
Welcome, Dr. Harris!
Healthcare Interests & Pharmacy
Systems Interests & The MBA
Medical School Days
Internal Medicine Work
Business Ventures
Developing an App
Business Development
Raising Capital
About Investors
Making the Pitch
Researching the Market
The Business Model
Business Valuation
Leading with Negatives & Mitigation
Marketing Expense
Securing Partnerships
The Capable Mindset
Selling Yourself (Backable)
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