Design Your Physician Life

25. Design Your Financial Life

August 23, 2022 Daniel Wrenne Season 1 Episode 25
Design Your Physician Life
25. Design Your Financial Life
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Hi! I'm Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez. And, this is Episode #25!

Today, we have a very special guest, Daniel Wrenne from Finance for Physicians and the creator of the Finance forPhysicians Podcast. We have an amazing conversation with Daniel about designing your financial life, with great insights, and many tips. Enjoy!

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Thank you for joining us this week!

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Welcome Daniel Wrenne
Volunteer Experinces
About Finances
Becoming a Physician Financial Advisor
Fiduciary Financial Advisor
Finding a Fiduciary
Starting a Relationship with a Fiduciary
I'm ready! Do I bring my couple?
Common Misconceptions
Building a Solid Plan
Values-Based Plans
Golden Handcuffs
The House
Educated Choices with a Fiduciary
Financial Planning Rewards
Passive Investments
Active Investments
Podcast: Finance for Physicians
Healthy Financial Planning Tips
Tip #1: Visualize Your Ideal Life
Tip #2: Tracking Net Worth
Tip #3: A Financial Plan
Accredited Investor
How to Contact Daniel Wrenne
Final Thoughts from Daniel
Thanks, Daniel Wrenne!