Design Your Physician Life

37. Building a Precision Healthcare Company

November 15, 2022 James Min, MD Season 1 Episode 37
Design Your Physician Life
37. Building a Precision Healthcare Company
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Hi! I'm Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez. And, this is Episode #37!

Today, we have a very awesome guest, Dr. James Min. He's actually the founder and CEO of CleerlyHealth, where they're building a precision heart care company. We have a great conversation with Dr. Min about precisely that, building his precision heart care company, and also great tips for prospective entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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Twitter: cleerly_inc

Thank you for joining us this week!

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Introducing, Dr. James Min
Inspiration to Become a Physician
Rotations in Medical School
Cardiology and Research Career
Industry Changes in Patient Care
Current Pursuits and Practice
Cleerly: Entrepreneurship Transition
The Cleerly Team
Creating Teams to Scale the Company
Identifying Mission and Vision
Creating a Company Culture
Importance of Autonomy
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Cleerly and The Future
Improving over Existing Therapies
What is the process like?
Where can patients go?
What has the impact been?
The Therapy Regime
Preventive Patient Care
Negotiating Business Funding
Product Development Tips
Tip #1: Solve a Problem worth Solving
Tip #2: Have Passion for What You Do
Tip #3: Embrace Teamwork
Dr. Min's Contact Info
Thank you, Dr. Min!