Design Your Physician Life

38. The Basics of a Financial Health Checkup

November 22, 2022 David Yeh, MD Season 1 Episode 38
Design Your Physician Life
38. The Basics of a Financial Health Checkup
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 Hi! I'm Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez. And, this is Episode #38!

Today we have a very special guest, Dr. David Yeh. We have a conversation with Dr. Yeh about the basics of a financial health checkup, investing, investing strategies, and investment systems. Don't miss out on this one!

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Introducing Dr. David Yeh
Welcome, Dr. Yeh!
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Medical School & Radiology
Going Against the Norm
Sexy Radiology
Radiology as a Victim of Success
Radiologists and Burnout
Dr. Yeh's Medical Practice Today
Evolution in Radiology Practice
Passive Income: Getting Paid
Pursuing Financial Topics
Looking at Investing Systematically
Lacking Financial Education
Starting to Teach Others
Getting Ready to Invest
Trend: We invest what we have!
Paying Yourself First
The Three Buckets
Don't Lose Sight of Your Why
More on Your Investment Bucket
Your Investment Personality
Getting Investment Help
Book: Busy Doctors Investment Guide
Risk Mitigation and Investing
Enemy #1: Our Phychology
Investment Systems
Testing Investment Ideas
Investment Influence from Radiology
Finding the Right Investment Formula
Leaning and Adapting Aproaches
Fiduciary Financial Advisors
Working with a Fiduciary
Systematic Approach Advantages
About Exit Strategies
Finding a Good Fiduciary
Sequence Risk: Balancing Bucket Use
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